Samtal med Kenan Malik

Ett artikeltips i lite märkligt format, nämligen ett samtal mellan författaren Kenan Malik och den slovenske konservativa politikern Fero Sebej om multikulturalism, väldigt bra läsning:
Western governments did not set out to create a segregated society. Most politicians set out with the best of intentions to combat racism. But at the same time, we have to say that the multicultural policies were flawed from the very beginning: it wasn't as if this was a good set of policies that somehow eroded over time. The fact is that it was a lot easier to combat racism by saying to people "go on, follow your own values, cultures, lifestyles, beliefs, we will fund your festival, your dance troupe, your cultural centre"... we used to call it the "saree, samosa and steel band brigade".
Klokt om både multikulturalismens politiska misslyckande men även samhällets förändring.
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